Professional Care

Professional Care

At Laundrohub, we take the very best care of your laundry, and as our slogan states, “Where professionals gather to care for you laundry”, the following we hold true and is etched in our ethics.

At Laundrohub, clients’ clothes are always washed separate form other clients.

Here’s a summary of the type of care that will go into getting your laundry magnificently clean and fresh.

  • Laundry is always sorted and separated between light and dark colours and washed accordingly.
  • Before being washed, mild stains are sprayed with a delicate stain remover for extra cleaning.
  • Laundry is washed in a cold bath and dried at low/med heat to prevent shrinkage.
  • Finally, laundry is professionally folded and neatly wrapped waiting to unleash freshness and ready to be worn again.